Random Road trip

Back in the Philippines, every time I get sad or depressed or whenever I feel like it, I would go on random road trips, I would drive hours and hours till I find a perfect place to chill, mostly to the beach. I would bring lots of goodies, chips, alcohol, extra clothes (as I would normally do) One night, on one of those random road trips, I found this awesome cove, undeveloped and extremely remote, I met some locals, and started talking to them, at first I was a lil bit scared, because the place was really dark and they were a lil dodgy, but being the adventurous dude that I am, I just didn’t care. I started drinking with them and ended up having a great time with a bottle of beer in my hand and the sand beneath my feet, it was full moon that time, so even in darkness I could still see the landscape of the entire cove illuminated by the moon. While having a conversation with the locals, I found out that the place is not really just an ordinary place, turned out, the people that I was drinking with were members of the Philippine air force and the armed forces of the Philippines and that area is where they set up their temporary base camp to help the locals with their environmental concerns. It was a really awesome experience for me, its not everyday that you get to hang out with army men in their natural habitat and actually have a nice drinking session with them. I found myself the next day on the shore, still drunk but completely unharmed. I went to their barracks to say goodbye. The following week, I went back to that same place bringing along one of my best friends with me, same thing happened we were on the beach drinking, listening to music that they don’t normally listen to, and getting hammered till dawn. The next day, my friend and I were looking for a place to sleep, they offered their hammocks and we slept there for a couple of hours. When we woke up, they cooked lunch for us, and started showing us their weapons! It was so cool, we took photos but unfortunately we weren’t able to test them. A month later, I went back with another friend, we hired a boat and went to the next beaches. It was really unforgettable, One day, I would go back to that place and hopefully the army men that we met would still be there and hopefully they would still remember me. Photos from that trip are attached below. Cheers!





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