Things that I hate: I sometimes act like I dont care about things, like I dont interact much when people are having a conversation but it doesn’t mean that I’m not observing, that’s probably the reason why I’m moody, I keep things inside til my saturation point is reached then I explode like a heartless asshole. I tend to retaliate without giving a flying fuck when I hear things that are offensive to me, I rarely comment, because I analyze things using my head not my mouth. I hate it when people comment on everything, even the small things, because for me, once you say something, it automatically gives an impact to what or who you’re commenting on and sometimes people just dont think before they say something. I also hate people with so many opinions, especially unsolicited ones!

What I am in general: I’m the type of person who has a lot of dreams, and one of them is to become a great designer. I like talking about informative things, relevant things and ideas. I believe in myself but I’m also the type who constantly seeks for approval, but to be honest I think its one way of bragging. I am sometimes stubborn, but I’m also not afraid to seek advice when I’m clueless about something. I only listen to those who I think are worthy of my ears, people who have done things that impresses me, people who have what it takes and not afraid to take risks, people who respect me, people who I respect, and people who are intelligent, if they dont fit in the category, they are considered irrelevant; but it doesn’t mean that I hate them.

I like doing fun things, it keeps me from thinking too much, oh yeah I tend to over think things, I may not show it by calculating or formulating or writing down ideas, but my mind is always busy (it’s doing all the work), that’s my best tool, that is my source of power that’s why I don’t stop feeding it with information. My friends would agree when I say that I’m a good friend to those who I care about, I dont leave people behind, I would stay up for days listening to a friend’s problem, I would drink continuously for days just to celebrate their achievement, I’m the type of person who sticks around unless you push me away… But earning my trust is difficult.